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Becoming 'Magic'

As a child I absolutely loved the King Arthur and the knights of the round table stories.

King Arthur had his magical sword excalibur that made him near invincible most of the time.

His knights Sir Lancelot, Sir Bors and Sir Galahad were pretty formidable warriors on the battlefield.

King Arthur and his Knights defeating the Saxons

But swords and warriors've got to admit that his wizard Merlin was the most powerful of them.

Paul Gustave Doré, a. | Merlin

Merlins wisdom, foresight and MAGIC was what really kept King Arthur at the helm of his kingdom (Camelot) for so long.

Now fast forward to todays world. Merlin in modern times would be beyond awesome. Sure we have all those technological advances but having some "MAGIC" would surely make life a lot easier, a lot better.

Here's where it gets interesting.

It is actually possible to give yourself that extra advantage in life, that extra oomph to make yourself stand out by using your Picture,Language,Emotion and Story to create Magic.

Be a modern day "Merlin", You Are The Magic.

#BecomingMagic #Picture #LanguageEmotion

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