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Affirmations for abundance

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Affirmations For Abundance

Positive affirmations can help you in numerous areas of your life. There are affirmations specific to abundance and prosperity that will help you develop a consciousness for abundance. Unfortunately, due to the negative programming we carry through life,especially now, it gets in the way of our abundance. Whether it’s a conscious thing or not, we start to fear success. You have to think about prosperity and abundance if you want to create prosperity and abundance. Don’t focus on what you don’t have;focus on what you want.

When you focus your thoughts on what you’re lacking, you’re attracting negativity. Affirmations can help you fill your mind with the correct thoughts. It’s important to note that abundance doesn’t mean attracting possessions or wealth. That’s only one part of abundance.

If you think negatively, you attract negativity. It will help if you clear your subconscious of those negative thoughts. We encourage you to do this with the affirmations we provide you with below. The dominant thoughts in your minds radiate outside of you and leak into the world. That will attract the same back. It’s time to flip the script. You can do that with the affirmations we have provided you with below. They cover a variety of aspects of abundance and don’t just focus on wealth.

• I am prosperous, I always have been, and I always will be prosperous.

• I will always have what I need, and the universe looks after me.

• I have everything I need; my life is filled with love, joy, and happiness.

• I am abundant; prosperity is overflowing.

• Prosperity is flowing, and there is an abundant supply of money in my life.

• My actions will lead to prosperity and abundance.

• I focus my thoughts on prosperity and abundance always.

• I attract wealth and abundance because I focus on them.

• Prosperity is around me, and it’s within me; abundance is around me, and it’s within me.

• I accept all the good things to enter into my life, and I will enjoy them.

• I easily and effortlessly create prosperity in my life.

• I love abundance and prosperity; I naturally attract it.

• Abundance is my birthright. I have a lot.

• The universe is conspiring to make me an abundant person.

• I release resistance to abundance and allow it to come to me naturally.

• I am fulfilled. I have an abundant supply of love, joy, and happiness in my life, and I am free to do what I wish.

• I attract what I need.

• I live in abundance, with healthiness, happiness, and prosperity.

• I give thanks for the positivity and light in my life.

• I am grateful for my family and friends who fill me with joy.

Think about what type of abundance you would like to experience in your life. Choose the affirmations that revolve around the abundance you want in your life. Once you get into a habit of repeating these affirmations, you can introduce others to expand your abundance and prosperity.

Use as many of these affirmations as resonate with you and use them as often as you like. Make a list of the ones you wish to employ and keep it handy so that you can repeat them throughout the day. Just like affirmations that bring you peace and calm during times of stress, these affirmations can buoy your spirit when you’re feeling frustrated. You may find as you get more comfortable with the process that you create affirmations for abundance for yourself.

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