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Paul Perry

Founder & Director


We all have a story, this is a snippet of mine. I grew up in Newport, a small town in South Wales. Being mixed race, throughout my teens and early adulthood I was subjected to bullying and racism which led to self confidence issues and eventually to depressive episodes. I joined the Royal Air Force at 17 and became a square peg in a round hole.

I'd always struggled with formal education only to discover at the age of 37 that I was dyslexic. Despite this, I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse specialising in addictions working with some of the most vulnerable members of society for nearly 18 years. 

I began to teach personal development within my work and began to see the benefit behind it whilst seeing the effect it was having on my clients and on myself. 

This led me to write my first book on the subject, 'You are the Magic' and to develop this website. 

I firmly believe that everybody has the potential to achieve anything they truly desire with the right tools at their disposal. That is why i chose the title 'You Are The Magic' for the book and have branded the products in the store area 'I am the Magic' to give that sense of uniqueness to everyone. Thanks for reading, you truly are 'The Magic'



About Paul Perry



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